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ADX Graphic Studios is a graphic design studio, located in Durham North Carolina. We offer a complete range of Graphic Design, Web Design, Print Design, Video Production/Editing, Animation and Motion Graphic services, to our customers. Our customer base consists of our clients throughout the Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill areas, New York, Florida and Texas. Our talented staff has over (60 years) of combined creative experience, in servicing our clients. We provide our clients an unparalleled level of expertise, professionalism and support, at very affordable prices. We cater to small, medium-sized and enterprise class businesses, of all types. By working directly and indirectly with our clients, understanding exactly what their current and future needs are and providing them a level of service that is rarely matched. We’ve created an impressive client base.

Print is still an important medium for representing a clients image. we understand that at ADX Graphic Studios. We employ both traditional and modern tools to best represents the

clients integrity

Video is rapidly becoming the new standard, for companies of all sizes. Whether your streaming on Youtube or posting on Facebook, you want your content to represents you effectively. Our experienced staff can create a video to represents your company professionally!

Effective Ecommerce Strategies are one of the major components in building a successful online business. Today, it could be the difference between building and generating a new source of income and having to downsize or close the doors!


Motion Graphics and Animation is everywhere. Use it to engage your customers on a whole new 3D level! Make your Company and its Products and Services shine!Bring them to life!




Affordable (SEO) is key to increasing your company’s online page ranking with the search engines. SEO could also be very expensive and non-effective. At ADX Graphic Studios we make SEO affordable and effective!



Social media has changed the world and it is one of the best and most current ways to showcase your company's brand. It can help you build relationships with your clients and increase sales. Let our experts at ADX Graphic Studios help you with your vision.

Logo Design is important! Not just because it is the first thing that your customers see when looking at your company. A logo is also one of the most important components your companies branding process. Your logo is one of the best ways to make a first impression!

Branding may be one of the most important

concepts to representing a business' identity. Through conscious planning and meticulous attention to design

we can find an image that best represents your ideals

For many business' their website or may be the first impression a client has of your business. You want a web presence that lets your business shine. Our team of developers will deliver a product you can be proud of.

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Programs We Specialize In:


At ADX Graphic Studios we use a wide variety of programs to meet the needs of our clients. The Programs we use are included but not limited to:


Adobe Illustrator Adobe After Effects Adobe Business Catalyst Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Indesign Adobe Muse Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe Photoshop Wordpress 3D Cart

"We got so many compliments on our new website, from the appearance, ease of use, and the information it provides. Also, our new customer base increased as a result of the new site... Thank You."

John Smoith

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"We got so many compliments on our new website, from the appearance, ease of use, and the information it provides. Also, our new customer base increased as a result of the new site... Thank You."

John Smoith